En Cementos del Norte, S.A. nuestra mayor fortaleza proviene de la unión y la voluntad de todos los que formamos parte de esta empresa.



En Cementos del Norte, S.A. nuestra mayor fortaleza proviene de la unión y la voluntad de todos los que formamos parte de esta empresa.


History Our operations started in 1958 as Cementos de Honduras S.A. as a private initiative with a Clinker production capacity of 150 tons / day We became a government company maintaining the name Cementos de Honduras We started construction of production line for furnace #1, 461-HR1 (EXPANSION V). That was in the mid-1980s. The furnace started operating in 1988. We were reconstituted as a private company under the name of Cementos del Norte S.A. Created a joint venture with Cementos Progreso of Guatemala Installation of our new production line Our 60th anniversary was celebrated building Honduras future Rebranding of our Bijao Cement product presentation.

Building Honduras´ future with quality
CENOSA owns the most modern cement production factory in Honduras. There are two production lines that make it not only the largest producer, but also the one with the largest cement producing capacity in Honduras, with an installed capacity that reaches 2.3 million metric tons of cement per year, or up to more than 5.3 million tons. combined with our partner Cementos Progreso.

We have a variety of products under ASTM´s standard, such as: C-150, C-1157, C-595, C-91
Our second expansion was made in 2009, powered by the German company Polysius, with the implementation of a 250 ton / day Quadropol brand raw flour mill and a furnace with a capacity of 3,100 ton / day. This allows us to improve and increase our energy efficiency, reaching an installed production capacity of 1.7 MM tons of clinker annually. Then, through the start-up of a Dorol brand cement mill with a capacity of 2000 tons / day, that cement production capacity increases to 2.3 MM per year.

In 2015, we installed a new TITAN brand crusher, Thyssenkrup design, with a capacity of 900 ton / h, gives us the ability to have the necessary raw material to operate the two clinker production lines.

In 2007 we started operations with a new expansion to co-process fuel derived from residues (FDRs), which in a first phase gave us an energy replacement capacity of 10%. In 2018, a new cement ball mill, Cemengal brand, with a capacity of 25 tons / h, also started operations, increasing the installed cement production capacity by 16%.
Our cement laboratory was created to serve our customers, so that, based on scientific evidence, we can give them support and advise them on their projects. In this laboratory, we perform several tests including:
  • Aggregate tests
  • Specimen ruptures
  • Other physical and chemical tests to determine durability in concretes
  • The processes are carried out based on the recommendations and procedures of PCA and ACI standards.
CENOSA has the largest cement tanker truck fleet in Honduras, capable of supplying more than 1,000 metric tons of cement per day.
  • Patuca III Hydroelectric Project
  • La Vegona Hydroelectric Project
  • El Petacón Hydroelectric Project
  • Panorama Condominiums
  • SIGLO XXI Bridge


  • Roadway section Jicaro - Galán
  • Roadway that connects from La Entrada Copán to Santa Rosa
  • The SIGLO XXI exchangers
To monitor and control the product delivered during the construction stage of the project, we work hand in hand with our customers delivering certified technical and laboratory assistance. In addition, we have available the advice and assistance of the Concrete Technological Center (CETEC Guatemala)

MISSION We are a proudly Honduran company that produces the highest quality cements and provides integrating solutions for the construction industry. VISION To be the main commercial associate of the construction industry in Honduras, leader in producing and selling cement, high quality products and services, with a recognized presence in the Central American region. VALUES
  • Integrity
  • Goal Oriented
  • Proactivity
  • Teamwork
  • Customer service
  • Business vision


On March 22, 2005, Cementos del Norte S.A. earned the registration certificate of its Quality Management System (QMS) under the ISO 9001: 2000 standard, the certification has continued to be renewed until the current version ISO 9001: 2015 standard with the following scope: Manufacturing, Marketing and Delivery of Cements Produced by Cementos del Norte SA

The certificate was awarded by BSI (British Standards Institution), a UK firm and one of the most prestigious certification companies worldwide. The certificate is accredited by the schemes: UKAS of the United Kingdom and ANAB of the United States

See Quality Policy



At Cementos del Norte S.A. Corporate Social Responsibility is one of the fundamental elements to contribute to the sustainable development of our country and promote well-being among employees, clients and communities.
We currently carry out activities oriented towards education, health, community development and the environment.

We have been creditors of the SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE COMPANY seal since the year 2008 until present day, granted by the Fundación Hondureña de Responsabilidad Social Empresarial (FUNDAHRSE).

Our programs:
  • Education
  • Health & Wellness
  • Community development
  • Volunteering

Our programs
We constantly strive to help deliver quality education, strengthening the educational centers in our surrounding communities, carrying out various programs. Amongst them, the permanent delivery of school meals, maintenance and construction of educational centers and the provision of educational material necessary to ensure quality schooling.
It is one of our main objectives to guarantee a healthy life for our collaborators and that of the neighboring population, for which we have a Health and Industrial Safety Department and a Medical Clinic, who oversee providing support and advice for risk prevention and free care.
Through the Healthy Company Program, we coordinate health fairs and various activities, always extending campaigns to community health centers.
We develop various projects in conjunction with municipalities and community leaders, for the construction of infrastructure, providing the necessary materials and the corresponding technical support.

Amongst the most emblematic projects we have executed are: Construction of a health center, social center, paving, infrastructure for recreational activities, projects for the storage and distribution of drinking water, among others.
Our staff is a crucial part in the development of each community project that the company undertakes, participating through our Corporate Volunteering Program.

Our main objective is to increase the energy efficiency and reduce its waste by applying a co-processing technique that contributes to the safe handling of special and hazardous waste in a controlled way through the globally accepted good practice of waste co-processing in the cement kiln, thus helping to:
  • Reduce CO2 emissions
  • Extend the useful life of municipal landfills by reducing the waste load
  • Reduce the use of fossil fuels
  • Help companies to manage special and hazardous waste

We effectively control contamination through a system of Bag Filters in all our processes, as well as water treatment and recirculation systems for use in the plant.

The sewage water is treated by means of a septic and wetland system that achieves a sustainable ecological niche and at the same time purifies its waters.

External Leadership

Currently, the agreement with the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (SAG), Mi Ambiente, Honduran Association of the Agricultural Health Industry (AHSAFE) is in effect to avoid contamination in crop fields and damage to farmers´ health, it consists in the Cooperation and aid for the disposal of empty plastic containers that were used to transport agrochemical products.

We are members of the Sustainability Committee of the Inter-American Cement Federation (FICEM). We have been awarded 2nd place in the Alternative Fuels project in the presentations of the XXVI FICEM Technical Congress 2019 which was held in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic with the participation of 44 exhibitors from around the world.

We lead the enterprises, by presiding the chair of the CNG - The National Commission for the Environmentally Sound Management of Chemical Products for two consecutive periods 2015-2018. We are part of a sectoral table for the reduction of CO2 in cement in Latin America promoted by FICEM. And we lead hydrogeological studies of waters in micro-basins of the area to model strategies for the management and preservation of water in the surrounding communities.

Chimney emissions control from the kiln-mill system. Installation of a dust-control emission system and in the background, you can see the preheater tower. Control de emisiones horno molino de crudo. Treatment of domestic wastewater. ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT

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Cementos del Norte, S.A. appreciates your preference and building all your projects with our products, that is why it has created a club for Civil Engineers and Architects, through which you can obtain many benefits just by purchasing Bijao Cement for your projects.
As a thank you for your loyalty, we want to develop and expand your construction knowledge with resources and conferences just by being part of our loyalty program CONSTRUCLUB BIJAO.

Be a part of the largest builder´s club in Honduras.

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Cementos del Norte appreciates all the great projects that you build with your hands and tools, that is why it has created a club for Master Builders and Masons, through which you can obtain great benefits just by purchasing Bijao Cement.
It is a free club in which you can accumulate and exchange your points to enjoy many prizes that you can use at work or enjoy with your family. For more information you can call us at 9543-0234

Be part of the largest builder’s club in Honduras.

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